What Films We Offer At Myers Tinting

Hitek Ceramic IR

Hitek's Ceramic IR is a revolutionary break through in the window tinting industry. Boasting an 88% IR heat reduction this film has swept over the market. An amazing scratch resistant coating backed by an amazing lifetime warranty! We here at Myers Tinting have literally never seen this film go bad!

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Hitek Carbon IR

With the same idea of our amazing Ceramic IR, this film is a nano carbon-ceramic film which blocks 62% of IR heat. This film boasts the same amazing scratch resistance as our Ceramic IR and also comes with a lifetime warranty!

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Ceramic Pro Coming Soon!

Here at Myers Tinting we are always scanning the available market to see what new and great film we can bring to you! We are currently working on brining in Ceramic Pro, our new nano-ceramic film will be able to block 93% of heat!

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