Who Are We?

Established in 2018, Myers Tinting stands as Washington, IL's premier, locally-run automotive window tinting enterprise. Boasting six years of industry expertise, we've adeptly serviced over 6,500 vehicles with our specialized window tinting using cutting-edge Hitek window film designed to combat heat. Our commitment extends beyond service; we provide lifetime warranties on all tint films, ensuring enduring top-tier quality. While appointments are necessary, we strive to accommodate same-day bookings based on availability. Reach out today to secure your appointment or request a complimentary estimate – experience the difference today with Myers Tinting.

Why Choose Myers Tinting?

Myers Tinting's dedicated team of technicians provides exceptional automotive window tinting services to Washington and the Central Illinois community. With immediate responses and same-day appointments based on availability, we prioritize you and your time. We offer competitive pricing on high-quality work and top-of-the-line products. Experience guaranteed satisfaction and a window tint that looks great with Myers Tinting. Don't wait—call now or fill out our form to request an estimate and see the Myers Tinting difference for yourself!

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